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Seismic Mounts

Seismic Mounts


Seismic mounts should be used in locations where earthquakes or seismic disturbances are considered to be a potential hazard. Seismic restraint is specified in AS1170.4 and NZS4219.

Features include:-

  • Rugged fabricated steel construction
  • Heavy duty stable steel spring
  • Acoustic isolation pad
  • Single fully adjustable central vertical restraint bolt
  • Fully weatherproofed
The seismic mounts shown here cover most fan applications, i.e. 25mm deflection and light to medium duty applications. Details of our complete range of seismic mountings are available on request.

Full load capacities & static deflections

For full load capacities and static deflections for:-

CSM - refer to XS spring mounts
CLM - refer to XL spring mounts
EML - refer to XL spring mounts
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