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FC.. Fast Clamps for In-line Fans

Simple and effective means of connecting ductwork to fans with spigot connections and facilitates access for service and cleaning. The band incorporates an insulated neoprene pad, which acts as a vibration absorber.The band is galvanised steel with an insulated neoprene band glued to the inside.

FGR.. Filter Units

The Filter Units incorporate a throwaway filter and are designed to suit fans up to 400mm diameter.The housing is of galvanised steel.

Maglok.. Magnetic Closure Device for Butterfly Dampers

Maglok® is a magnetic device providing positive closure for butterfly shutters on vertical discharge roof units.They are of rare earth magnet housed in aluminium.

MRJ.. Mixvent Inlet Grille

For preventing the entry of any harmful objects into the inlet or outlet of a Mixvent fan.These are of powder-coated steel.

Ø315 to Ø300 Reducer

Designed for connecting the TD2000/315 to standard 300Ø duct.This is of aluminium.

KITTWINBASE.. Twin Kits for Mixvent fans

The Twinkits are used to mount Mixvent fans in parallel.These are of powder coated steel.

WB.. Wall Bracket for Minitube Fans

The Wall Bracket has been designed for use with Minitube fans.Manufactured from galvanised steel.

WP.. Wall Plates for Minitube Fans

The Wall Plates have been designed to facilitate the mounting of Minitube fans at wall penetrations.These are of powder-coated galvanised steel.

Stylvent Weather Cap

Designed specifically to suit the Stylvent range of wall and window mounted fans, the weather cap provides additional protection against wind and rain when the fan is mounted in demanding areas and is also suitable for roof mounting in skylights and atriums.The Weather Cap has a low profile design which limits physical and visual impact. It is fitted with bird wire mesh and is colour matched to suit the Stylvent range of fans.

WALLRODSPK Wall Rods for Stylvent and HCM Fans

Used to install the Stylvent and HCM fans in walls varying from 25-300mm thick.The nuts are zinc plated; the rods are threaded stainless steel.

Vogue Duct Adapter

For connecting the Vogue Series fans to standard sized duct.Made from durable ABS plastic.

Birdmesh for Heritage Series

The Heritage series of fans can optionally be fitted with Birdmesh to prevent the ingress of debris.Available in galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Bushfire Code Bases

Adjustable Pitch Options

Our adjustable pitch range is available with a number of options to suit your requirements.None.

HVLS Dropper Tube

The HVLS dropper tube enables the Gorilla HVLS fans to be dropped from ceiling height to your required height.Built from galvanised steel.

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